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Data Science For Managers Program

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by — Sudhanshu Kumar

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About Course

Data science for managers at iNeuron will provide managers with the right set of skills and management techniques giving them a competitive advantage over others to effectively manage the workforce, create innovative solutions and drive the organisation to its ultimate goal efficiently.

What you\'ll learn

  • Python core
  • Modules exception handling
  • Rest API
  • Database
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science In various domain
  • Project Architecture For Managers
  • Risk Involvement in AI Solution

Course Details

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    It & Softwares
  •    Subject:
    Data Science
  •    Mode:
  •    Price:
  •    Length:
    9 months
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Mentor Bio

Data scientist with 5+ year of experience leveraging Statistical Modeling, Data Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms to solve challenging business problems on Time Series, Computer Vision and Natural\r\nLanguage Processing.

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