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Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias

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by — Andrew Luttrell

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Many people understand that diversity and unconscious bias are important issues to grapple with, but it’s difficult to get a strong handle on them. For years, social scientists have turned their attention to stereotyping and discrimination in order to use data and scientific methods to know more about why it happens and how to stop it.

What You'll Learn:

In this course, we consider big ideas in diversity science with a focus on understanding concrete strategies to halt bias in its tracks. To know how to solve a problem, though, it’s necessary to understand the root of the problem. This course thus considers several major issues in diversity and unconscious bias, including:

  • The difference between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • How stereotypes affect judgments of others and our own performance
  • How prejudice stems from simple group mentalities
  • How to best approach diversity
  • How to reduce the effects of conscious and unconscious bias

Through comprehensive videos, slide presentations, exercises, and quizzes, you will learn about the fascinating science of prejudice and discrimination. This course is modelled on university curricula and workplace training that you could spend thousands of dollars on.


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Mentor Bio

Andrew is a professor of social psychology and host of the Opinion Science podcast. His expertise is in the domain of attitudes and persuasion, but he has extensive experience with all corners of the social psychology world. The research in this field is so interesting that he can't help but share it! He looks forward to the chance of sharing the world of social psychology with you.

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