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Xamarin Android: Learn to Build Native Android Apps With C#

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by — Uchenna Nnodim

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About Course

Everyone agrees that the best form of learning is to learn by doing, hence we designed the curriculum for this course to be very practical with some bits of theory to help you have a good understanding of why we do the things we do.

After going through the course you would have successfully built a lot of practical Real-World Apps that will expose you to everything you need to know to be a pro. By doing so you have built a solid portfolio to land a high-paying Android Developer Job or even start your own app development company which ever resonates more with you.

The course was designed with the assumption that you know nothing about programming  most of the seemingly advanced concepts were over-explained using different scenarios in real life, hence you will easily understand. Even a 6 year old could go through the course and understand every bit of it.

  • Learn to build full fledge Native Android Apps using Xamarin and C#
  • Learn to create beautiful User Interface Design for your Android Apps
  • Learn the basics of App Design and Prototyping using Adobe XD
  • Learn C# programming language from scratch to advanced levels
  • Learn and Master CRUD operations on Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Learn to seamlessly upload files and download files from Firebase Storage
  • Learn to submit your Android Apps to Google Play Store after developing it
  • Master how to make asynchronous (Async/Await) WebRequest and handle JSON responses
  • Understand how to create local notifications using Android Notification Manager
  • Learn to capture images from the Camera and access other native APIs
  • Learn how to work with Google Maps and build Location aware Apps
  • Understand the foundation and principles of building a successful App
  • Learn how to get a Job as a Junior Android Developer
  • Learn advanced app development tips and tricks to ship your apps

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Mentor Bio

Uchenna is the Lead Instructor at the Ufinix Academy, a leading online Programming Academy. Teaching and mentoring people has always been his second love after programming. So most recently he spends a lot of his time in research and creating online courses to provide step-by-step guide to students on how to become developers while explaining complex technical concepts in a very simple way. Before now he has worked with several successful startups, coordinated large teams both on-site and remotely. He really enjoys travelling and is passionate about mentoring young developers to build successful products and contributing to open source.

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