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A Good Website 31-05-2023


To have a well functioning website is a quite like having a pet or an object that needs a lot of care. It looks amazing when we first have it, but in the absence of love and care, things might seem to worsen. Coming back to the topic, we are basically speaking about your website. Have you been neglecting it lately?


To make your website stand out in the crowd, you need to care for it. It is a constant growth, and like all relational growths you need to take out the time for it and keep a check. You should be sure that your promotion is done in a relevant and updated platform in a dynamic fashion. Websites get outdated very quickly and an old-fashioned or static website where things never change is one which does not encourage visitors more than once. So to sort out your problems, here is a list of remedies you can try out to make sure your website stays awesome.


1. Always keep the Updates on 


When was the last time you updated your website information? Some days before? Maybe weeks or months ago? Who knows? Don't be a procrastinator and get some new exciting content up there right away. You may add som news or even blogs on trending topics. These can easily be updated and can be refreshed quickly. Keep some time out (like a few hours every week) to inform your customers about the new changes on your website and you will then enjoy the fruits of success.


2. Pamper your website 


It just takes just a few seconds for a visitor to judge your site just by looking at the homepage. From there it's either going forwards or backwards. So you do not have much time to grab their attention. If your site has a neglected and improper look, that is exactly how it will get treated by potential customers. Give it some pampering and style by adding new images or an overhauled design. Greater the attention you give to your site, greater will it get noticed.


3. The way you communicate matters 


Take a careful and thorough look at your content. There is quite a difference between what looks good to read in word document and to what works in a website. Is your content creative, realistic and as relatable as you want it to be? Keeping your customer in mind, re-write your content as you would have talked to them directly. You will see that your messages have become much more meaningful and effective.


4. Show off your work 


Have you 'search engine optimized' your content? You might have the best site in the entire internet, but if one can find it , it is of no use. You need to be sure that you add such search terms in your meta tags and mera descriptions which are Google friendly. In this way you will yourself in the top searches as your rankings will rise up. Sometimes it might need the help of an expert but if your site is better visible then the time and money spent is well spent.


5. Digital reach 


Social bookmarking enables your customers to share your website's information with their contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Always make social media profiles of your site and mention them.


6. Keep it interactive


You can communicate with your customer remotely through your website, so adding an element of interaction boosts engagement and feedback. Time to time customer surveys and polls might give you a fair idea about what your customer thinks about the product.


7. Assess the market


Checking out the competition sometimes is one nice way to honestly get a knowledge of  your current website condition. Is it working good enough for you or is it time for a better, newer model?


Sometimes when nothing works out, it is required of you to get a fresh new start which might promise of a better and a long lasting digital competency.


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