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Correct body posture 27-01-2023


E-learning is the process of online learning through different sites, courses and online videos. With the widespread of e-learning all around the globe, people acquire knowledge and material on the internet easily.


But this opportunity depends on the various factors such as fast working softwares, comfortable chairs and a right body posture.


The latter is quite often neglected beacause elearning is done in gadgets such as laptops, tablets, mobiles or even computer desktops. This leaves the students sitting for hours in the same posture and some even find themselves slouching on the couches by the end of the sessions.


How to have the correct body posture while E-learning?


One must avoid wrong body posture while attending online classes or lectures in order to prevent headaches and sore eyes.


There are numerous ways to keep an alert brain and have a fit body posture for eLearning. Some tips on saving energy and enthusiasm during long sitting hours are listed below:


1) The most obvious point is sitting straight at the first place allowing us to breathe in more oxygen and focus more properly on the understanding of the information.


2) Having chair with a back support is a good idea. One must be sure that the legs are comfortably resting on the floor or on a Foote stand. Keeping the legs hanging might cause strain on the spinal cord. A 135° lean back position on the chair can prevent us from straining our backs.


3) The concept of a moving chair which can allow us to move around is highly recommended.


4) Rocking back and forth releases pressure from our spines and helps increase our focus and concentration.


5) The laptop or desktop screen must be at your eye level so that your neck is at relaxed or neutral position. Avoid neck strain while sitting by reduced slouching. 


6) Keep ample distance between the screen and the eyes to avoid strain on the eyes.




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