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The rise of online learning during Covid-19 29-01-2023

The Covid pandemic has affected each and every age group in some way or the other and one of the obvious ones is the youth. The change in the way of learning and education can be due to the points listed below. 

• COVID-19 has caused schools to shut down across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children have no longer access to classrooms.

• Education has changed significantly, with the rise of e-learning, wherein teaching is done remotely and on digital platforms.

• Research shows that online learning has increased retention of information, and even takes much less time, which means the changes caused by coronavirus might stay here forever.

• The covid pandemic is changing how millions of people around the world are being educated.

• Newer solutions for learning could bring huge innovation.

Considering the digital division, new changes in learning methods could narrow inequality gaps.

How is the education sector coping with COVID-19?

In response to rising demand, many digital  education platforms are providing free-to-access courses to their customers, like BYJU, an educational technology and online tutoring firm based in Bangalore established in 2011.

Tencent classroom, on the other hand, has been hugely used since February after instruction from the Chinese government to  students to continue their studies via online platforms.

What does this mean for the future of learning?

While some people believe that unplanned and a fast move to online education – with negligible training, slow network, and small-scale preparation – might result in poor  experience, others believe that a new mode of education is emerging which has vast benefits and opportunities.


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