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Marketing Skills

admin 26-01-2023

What is marketing?


Marketing is the act of selling or promoting products and services which includes market research and advertising.

Each industry or market is continuously changing according to the demands of people.


Why is it absolutely necessary to cope with the change in market trends? 


As the marketing world is evolving, one needs to stand apart from the crowd in order to grab attention of customers. If one falls out of market trends, then soon the company or business shall perish.


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Listed below are some various ways one can enhance his/her marketing skills: 


  1. Ability to write well.
  2. Internal Communication skills.
  3. Interpersonal communication skills.
  4. Public Speaking skills.
  5. Learning attitude lifelong.
  6. Organization skills.

Set Goals

  1. Knowing difference between goals, strategies and tactics.
  2. Being an active listener.
  3. Cross team collaboration skills.
  4. Research skills.
  5. Risk to try new things.
  6. Address your designers properly.

Understanding social media

  1. Know the working of the social media algorithm.
  2. Follow the social trends closely.
  3. Do not chase every social channel.
  4. Generate creative campaigns.
  5. Persuasive content writing skills.


  1. CMS Tool Knowledge.
  2. SEO Tool Knowledge.
  3. CRM Tool Knowledge.
  4. Marketing Analytics Tool Knowledge.
  5. Basic photoshop skills.
  6. Interpret customer data.
  7. Understanding of basic data science.
  8. Know how to explain data through presentations and visualization.




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